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The name of this timepiece indicates that it was inspired by automotive industry or, more specifically, an engine from a sports vehicle. Hublot's piece is quite unique, with barrels at the centre and an unconventional digital display to show the time. It also has a large tourbillion cage. The Hublot MP05 Laferrari has a large titanium case in an irregularly shaped shape. The limited edition is 50 pieces and costs around $315,000.

Rolex Replica WatchesThe watch Rolex Replica Watches is a fine example of a high-level mechanical complexity, complemented by incredibly strong artistic aspects. As is common with products from the watchmaker,Rolex Replica Watches the timekeeper features an impressive striking mechanism. This isn't the most impressive feature of the piece, as it also has an impressive automaton. The dial represents two birds with their young in the nest when the watch is set to its normal mode. The birds on the dial are a tribute to the Jura region, where the watchmaker is located. When the wearer activates the minute-repeater, the birds also come to life. The intricate mechanism, which has eight moving segments, allows you to see both the birds and the background moving together.

Rolex Replica Watches was first introduced in 2013. The housing of this watch is made from red gold, and has an 18.1mm thin profile, despite the many features it supports. Its dial, with its lovely reliefs,roger dubuis replica watches shows off the skilled work of different decorative techniques. The Bird Repeater, which is priced at nearly $680,000 and is only made in eight copies, is the most expensive watch in the competition.

MB&F Legacy Machine 2Another contender in the Mechanical Exception Category that was first introduced last year is MB&F Legacy Machine 2 It is typical of the Legacy Machine timepieces by MB&F that they celebrate some of the most significant horological advances of the past, and some of the most iconic figures of the field. This is not always obvious because of their futuristic look. The watch has two suspended balances visible on the front. The differential connects both flying balances to a single transmission. Even rarer is the use of only one gear train, which has been used since the 18th Century. The differential that transfers power from each balance and transmits its average rate to the gear train of the mechanism is the most complex part of the construction.

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