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The dial is actually the upper plate of a hand-wound mechanism, which is why the two balances appear to be mirror-like. As is customary with the watches in this series, Omega Replica Watches worked closely with two of the most important figures from the industry to create this piece. The manufacturer sought out Jean-Francois Mojon's team Chronode to handle the technical aspects of the watch. Kari Voutilainen was given the task of designing the watch. This watch is different from the other pre-selected models, as it's not only available in limited editions. There is also a platinum limited edition. The price for the watch with two suspended accounts is around $190,000.

TAG Heuer Tourbillon Monaco V5 Next up is the watch which was the most talked about at this year's Baselworld. The TAG Heuer Monaco timekeeper is the new mechanical piece from the brand.Omega Replica Watches This innovative and remarkable piece has a tourbillon feature. This is not its most important trait, as can also be demonstrated by the fact that this piece is too radical to be selected in the Best Tourbillon Category. This piece is amazing because it relies on ball bearings, patented belts and linear masses to function.

TAG Heuer Monaco V5 Tourbillon Watch

The first belt-driven tourbillion, however, is distinguished by its barrel shaped black titanium medium-sized housing, a self winding movement, and a 40-hour power reserve. The price of the revolutionary timekeeper, which is part of the Monaco line by TAG Heuer and whose development took over a decade, is about $157,000.

Urwerk EMCThe last of the preselected watches for the Mechanical Exception Category at the GPHG is Urwerk EMC. This watch, like all the others, also features a unique innovation. It is the first mechanical watch ever that the wearer can fine-tune, and not a specialist as was the case before. The watch has an electronic device to measure its accuracy.Corum Replica The wearer can then adjust the mechanical rate by simply turning a screw at the back of the watch.

Urwerk EMC Watch

Urwerk is a piece of Urwerk that allows for fine tuning the beating heart. It comes in either a steel or titanium case with an unconventional shape, which is common to the brand led by Frei and Baumgartner. The watch has four subdials that show the hours, minutes and seconds. It also features a regulator-type display. This watch costs around $123,000.

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