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Here, right at the start, the story begins to diverge. According to apocrypha that is often repeated, NASA agents in plain clothes are sent downtown Houston to buy random chronographs anonymously. They are required for the upcoming Mercury programme. After grueling tests, the Speedmaster is revealed as the one with The Right Stuff.

It's nonsense, yes, but it is poetic. Omega Seamaster Replica Watches's convincing argument is that it would be unthinkable for a Federal agency in the United States Government to just walk up and buy whatever they see displayed at a jeweler's shop. The USFederal Government takes great care to adhere to due process when it comes time to disburse public funds. In this case, a type tender called "Request For Proposal" or "Request For Quotation"(RFP &RFQ). Do not misunderstand, this isn't about saving money. They love to spend large amounts of money. But as good civil servants they will only do so in the way

It seems, then, that only the pilots could have bought watches in downtown. This sounds very circumstantial. This is true. We now have documentation in the form of NASA's own copy correspondence. Walter Schirra's and his colleagues' requests for watches as backup instruments have been consistently refused.

Mercury was having problems. NASA's top officials were struggling to find money and their rockets were exploding. Watches weren't a priority.

Donald Slayton, then Assistant Director of Flight Crew Operations and a Schirra representative, was certainly alerted when they ended up in Earth orbit with untested equipment. Unofficially,Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica a number of watches were already in orbit, including Heuer, Bulova, and Breitling, as well as Speedmasters.

NASA did not begin to explore the issue of wristwatches until September 1964. Slayton's document stated that a "requirement exists for a highly accurate and durable chronograph for use by Gemini or Apollo flight crews as an essential adjunct to, or a backup device for spacecraft timing devices ..."

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